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A safe and secure home is important to you and your family. With 30 years of residential and commercial Vancouver locksmith experience you can count on us at Mainland Mobile Locksmiths Ltd. for security you can trust. We are recognized as a trusted, professional security locksmith that is bonded and fully licensed, including the B.C. security license for locksmiths operating in British Columbia. When you call us you will be talking to a trusted locksmith company that has been operating in Vancouver since 1994.

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All those years of experience as Vancouver locksmiths means we know our stuff and at Mainland Mobile Locksmiths Ltd. we provide you with the advice and support you need in choosing your door locks, door hardware or other security hardware for your Vancouver home and business. We can rekey & recode your current locks and we especially recommended this for clients who are moving into a new residence (you never know who may have access to a previous set of keys). We also install, repair or replace your locks as required and can upgrade your door and window security for a safer and more secure home. We offer a range of locksmith services in Vancouver so call us today, we would be happy to help you choose the best lock and security hardware for your needs and your budget.

90 day warranty on all products & services.

Vancouver locksmith door repair of a broken mortise by adding a deadbolt.

Many older mortise sets in Vancouver homes are failing. They are very costly to replace and for this reason many customers decide to install a deadbolt above the mortise pack and just use the former as a passage set.

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picking open a locked out door.

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Custom door security hardware by Mainland Mobile Locksmiths Ltd. Vancouver BC

The existing handle lever was cut to fit inside this heavy duty blocker preventing all types of attacks on an entrance lock set of this Downtown Vancouver business.

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Your home should be a place where you and your family feel safe and secure at all times and when your home security is compromised that feeling can be lost. Mainland Mobile Locksmiths Ltd can help you secure your home today so that it always feels safe for you and your family. Call now and secure your home today.

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Mainland Mobile Locksmiths Ltd. is a mobile locksmith service that is licensed, bonded and insured. We are recognized as a trusted, professional security locksmith which aims to bring our customers competitive pricing and service excellence. We have been providing high security locksmith services to the Greater Vancouver area since 1994 and we are happy to announce that we are now also serving the Sunshine Coast!